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    I imagine we’ve all seen Michael’s new online newsletter by now (surely you got it too, Master Tree?). The illustrated horseman I’d already seen – indeed, I’ve seen pictures of two others, courtesy of The Man (in fact I saw them about six months ago, which is why I’ve been becoming impatient for their release, and puzzled by all the delays); but this is the first time I’ve seen the infantry ‘men-at-arms’ – and they’re the ones on which Chris sought minor suggestions from me when he came to designing them, so I’m very pleased to see them at last, and to see that their ‘look’ matches my hopes!

    As Presto says, The Man can certainly do no wrong at the moment – beyond threatening to tap out my financial reserves by producing more figures than I can sensibly afford. For instance, I already have a Dol Amroth force amongst my wargame collection (not GW, I should hasten to add), which I bought and painted long before Chris had ever intimated he might get round to his own range one day. But now I may very well have to replace them…