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    Theobald wrote:
    Huuooommmm …. strange it is …. where did Master Jdbrown come across those pics … hom … yes, the riders are at full gallop as I stated somewhere else … hom … the one here is Prince Imrahil as he was designed within that range … huoommm … I wanted to have the MX-figure very close to that one so that it fits well …. hom … you might have a look at the helmet and the shield ….. rhuoommm … among one of the other riders you will clearly recognize one holding a banner … homrhuooommm … wonderful poses of the horses and dynamism of the figures, methinks …. huooommm … though I did not know what the men on foot would be like …. hom

    Dear Theobald, Master Ent,

    didn’t you got the new Mithril-newsletter or did I misunderstood your quote? In the new newsletter Michael has sent us some nice preview pics of those great figures. It would be hard not to have seen the pics yesterday ;) as they are so inspiring and I think ALL fans should get the same info at the same time (it’s democracy isn’t it??).
    Maybe that’s the reason (newsletters do not arrive!) why no one comments the pirate painting contest – the winners are announced!