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    Here’s a tutorial for metallics that I’ve found very useful. It’s pretty advanced, but anyone can give it a try. Now, there isn’t much full on armor in the Mithril range, but the idea is still useful for scale and mail also. I had read that you should never mix water with metallics. Well, now I do after reading this tutorial. (I use mostly artist acrylics for my metallics too, which are thicker. I don’t like Vallejo – when I drybrush with Vallejo metallics, the sparkles go everywhere and don’t come off. It’s a pain in the butt if you’ve painted anything before that or are just doing touch ups. I do really like the Vallejo Metal Medium though. It’s great for toning down sparkliness of other metallic paints and use on highlights and things like that. Of course you can use it to make other colors metallic too.)

    To give proper credit, I found this link posted by PrawnPower at The Basement (, a Brit forum with a nice mix of minis and larger scales.