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    when i say “heavy armored” it can most assurely be chainmail…. But most of the elvenchainmails we see in mithril range are “light chain”… There is no need of plate, but chainmail with full chain arms, chain leggings, helms, and gloves (full armor) is very very rarly seen. Most elves have arms unprotected. I have always wondered why almost all elves have “bare arms”, ok for wood elves, but there are not only wood elves

    I doubt that elves during the Last Alliance, went to war in such a fashion… and the only “war gear” elves we have are in plate armor…. (which is open to debate), and mostly they are personnalities.

    When it comes to the “host of valinor” which is outside Tolkien Enterprise Licence, no matter if it is plate or chain type or armor, but I am most certain it is a “heavy gear” covering all the body including arms, hands, and head.

    Celebrimbor and Anatar in the last vignette have a good armor for this purpose, though there is indeed some pieces of plates at shoulders and knees.