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My tip for skins for Mithril:

I start with a basecoat mix of
Game Colour Pale Flesh
Model Colour Light Flesh (av928)
Model Colour Cork Brown (av 843). Add a tad more cork to the mix to get a darker fleshy colour. Now dilute it so the paint it runny.

Carefully paint the flesh mix onto the figure’s skin. You want it good and dilute so you don’t lose any of the soft Mithril facial features.

Wash the skin with Cork Brown (AV 843).

Now highlight the face with a 1:1:1 mix of the flesh tones above.
Highlight that with a little Ivory. Add extra ivory as desired. (I used GW “Bleached Bone” on occassion too).

Also: get a good brush (which is what I am doing tommorrow!)


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