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Sadly it doesn’t actually tell us much we haven’t already guessed, though like you, I’m glad they’re revising their wolves – and funnily enough, I was saying to Mrs B just yesterday that I didn’t see how the LOTR types would work in a ‘Hobbit’ context. PJ and Del Toro obviously agree. But it’s very early days for much worthwhile info to be leaked yet, so I’m unsurprised that they’re all keeping mum about prettty much everything at the moment.

I was amused, though, by Del Toro’s long-winded diatribe regarding his earlier (i.e. pre being paid several million dollars) disparaging remarks regarding his dislike of fantasy stories featuring “little guys, dragons, hairy feet and hobbits”. That faux pas will doubtless return to bite him in the butt on many future occasions. And rightly so.

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