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Aha, caught you, Nob you young rascal – who released you from the cattery early? You weren’t supposed to be let out until I got back. But I suppose I am back (though parts of my brain appear to have been left behind somewhere), so I’ll not worry about it too much, but let’s not be having any more of this free ale nonsense or there’ll be no salary for you this week (again).

Well, I can see from looking round that the place has been extraordinarily quiet while I’ve been away in the North. I thought I’d have to catch up with a bit of reading, but it seems not.

First thing I checked on was the polls on the Fellowship site, and I’m delighted to see that King Brand won – very right and proper. The suggestions for this month are also an interesting mixed bag – though (and this is only a personal opinion, you understand), I’m dubious about the Dol Amroth lady appearing again – and leading the voting at this stage too, to boot! I feel sure that JRRT would be turning in his grave at the thought of ‘female assassins’ in his subcreation! There’s too much ICE and Fantasy with a capital ‘F’ in such suggestions, and nowhere near enough JRRT for my tastes…

Anyway, it’s good to be back where I don’t have to pay for my beer! Thanks for your work keeping the place in order, Master Tree – you’ve done a grand job. Your tab is cancelled in perpetuity for that and for other favours (ah yes, I’ve now received my backlog of mail, and there were some metal bits in it; many thanks!). You really must introduce me to Boris when you next come across him.

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