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which leads me to an idea…. I know that people are free to suggest everything they have in mind for next months vote for GF membership… but a lack of “general charter of what can be suggested or not” leads to such inconsistencies…
One of us could suggest Michael to organize a one-time “side-vote” that would be used to generate a chart of what can be suggested or not… (the aspect of a vote for this chart is for the democracy part of it, forcing a chart to members without their approval would be dictatorship…)

but although I am a great Roleplay Gamer myself, I really dislike it when people tend to transform Mithril universe to fill their game desires at any cost… no matter if it turns asunder the tolkien mythology and settled world… (I make allowances for MERP related stuff as they have been… once… authorized and approved material for all the community of Tolkien RPG fans)

well let me know what youthink about it… I would really be disapointed if this girl would win…

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