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    While I too find the “female assassin” character far afield from Tolkien canon, I don’t think there should be a limit to the suggestions for GF figures. The public vote will determine if the idea has merit with collectors or gamers, or not. Wasn’t “Assassins of Dol Amroth” an ICE module?

    This month’s selections are OK, but there is some odd repetition. We just had an Eomer at Pelennor fields, albeit with Aragorn. But how different would another Pelennor Eomer be form previous M-series releases? The king Dain sound repetitive with the M-series, but Wendy’s explanation definetely sets it apart and pairs it with the coming Brand figure. An unfortunate description was used for the voting list, so I don’t think it will get due consideration.

    I like the idea of Elessar and infant, Chris does a good job with these things. Mirkwood captain? Got one already, M67. I don’t like Hobbit figures much, and not that interested in another orc. So it will be Narvi, Dain, Elessar, or maybe the half-troll for me!