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    I agree entirely with the preceding observations regarding having no limits on what can be suggested, and I’ll continue to rely on the Fellowship members’ good taste and the merit of individual suggestions to determine what gets selected. It will, nevertheless, continue to worry me that JRRT’s works are sometimes viewed as no more than Fantasy game sourcebooks! That “Assassins of Dol Amroth” is an ICE module is precisely the point I was making, of course – the concept isn’t Tolkien’s, and runs entirely contrary to his writings. I’m sure he’d have shuddered at the thought that even the Men of Dol Amroth could be so ignoble as to resort to assassination, let alone the women!

    But then, I guess that raises the issue of whether the Mithril range is ultimately a LOTR range or an ICE range. It’s certainly had a long, if erratic, association with the latter; but Chris’s best figures have undoubtedly always been those taken from the books themselves – as, happily, by far the majority are and always have been.