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well I assume you’re right about the limits, after all, I suppose that all of GF members have good taste about what to choose or not to vote for :) which in itself is far enough :)

but “assassins of dol amroth”…. seems to oppose this statement… if we consider it is winning the vote…

Mithril won’t have problem with Tolkien Enterprise since they own ICE licences, but with the community of tolkien fans… and in regard of the tolkien estate, that won’t do anything to help promote its image… After all, the main cause behind the fact Mithril is badly seen by Christopher Tolkien is because it is viewed as an ICE subproduct and nothing else, and the Tolkien family tends to hate any of JRRT suberversion, beginning with ICE… (even now that MERP is dead)
After all, Tolkien Enterprises themselves sometimes have problems with Tolkien Estate, concerning “extended tolkien universe” names and concepts…

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