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    Alas, I go for the same conclusion as master ent here… it seems the man is overwhelmed, and each month suggestion in addition, creates more and more delay…

    Maybe a pause in suggestion and voting for some months would help put back the schedule in place…. Mithril can’t take this decision on their side because they have a “contract with us” about giving us the possibility to suggest AND have necessarily one figurine “planned” each month… maybe if all of us GF members, do take upon ourself to suggest a PAUSE in the GF voting… they would appreciate it… after all, creating too much delay is not good at all either for their business.. helping them reduce this delay will help them release more “regular” figurines in the ends… and “breathe” ….

    Could we imagine… submitting a pause to Michael? Would everyone agree to that?… this would have to be a unanimity decision, because if a single member wants to be able to suggest… it is his full right, due to the terms of contracts with the GF membership… Alas, would we all agree for this sacrifice? can we trace down every single GF member to know if he agrees?

    now would be the time, maybe, to ask the man himself about that… and what he feels towards that…