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    I nearly put that suggestion forward myself after speaking to the Man at Salute and hearing about the back-log of figures building up, but I thought I would ‘fall under a hail of arrows’, so I kept quiet, but it would seem others are thinking along those lines as well so perhaps the time is right for us to suggest it rather than a decision by Mithril.

    I personally think it would be a favour to CT to allow him to catch up with his schedules, do what else he needs to do etc. plus I also think it might be useful for those GF members who need to catch up with their committments to buy figures to have a breathing space.

    My only concern would be how it would affect the Mithril Community (GF-wise) as apart from the threads relating to GF releases most of the other threads appear to have gone a bit quiet of late; I would hope that things wouldn’t just die a natural death through lack of a common subject, i.e. What will be the next GF figure?

    Incidently he didn’t say what he would be working on after the current planned ranges, but he would love to do lots more figures.

    Also what may be of interest regarding the approval process was the (ridiculous) suggestion by TE that on the underside of the figure bases every character should be named!! Apart from the space issue can you imagine if each (non book named) character had to have a personal name, Bill the Rohirrim footman, Ted the Knight of Dol Amroth, thankfully some common sense prevailed ;)

    Anyhow, for practical reasons, even if with a degree of reluctance, I would support the motion.