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    Dol Amroth look good and I can’t wait.

    Gandalf I like also – he comes at the right time for me as I really need to get the Balrog sorted and finished and this Gandalf will complement it even as CT intended.

    Theodred – well perhaps there are similarities to other figures – the horse looks familiar as well, but I guess if looked at from a stand-alone view and not in comparrison with other figures (of which some may not have the early ones anyway) then it looks original. I don’t know how Tom pictured the final figure, but the pose is ok for me – looking out over the countryside for signs of Saruman’s army perhaps..

    Also it is common for sculptors to use and adapt existing figures to save a bit of time – the 32mm Thranduil Christmas figure was adapted from an abandoned King Arthur figure – now you know :D

    p.s. good luck to all German and Spanish members on Sunday, may the best team win ;)