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    Mae govannen mellon,

    Many quite interesting thoughts here. Although I am not quite sure about the bi-monthly vote, I would throw in the idea of having 9 figures instead of 6 or 12 per year as 9 is one of the magical numbers Tolkien used (well all of you know the thing about 9 ringwraith and fellows and so on :D ).

    I would be so pleased with many more M-series as I am also a Hobby-Mithril- exhibition-maker and visitiors always ask from where to get the figures. Many do not like to be GF- members and there are so many good ideas, like Minas Tirith II (or Heroes of Gondor), Orc heroes and so on, that would surely attract many more customers. So reducing the GF- figures per year would also make sense economically for the company.

    So why not a voting for the next regular M-series?? 😆
    Something like that was tried and died out at the GF-forum, like the wish-list because of the lack of interest from members and companys side. Bad thing! :( 😡

    Hope this gives some more inspiration on that term.