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ESTEL wrote:
Mae govannen mellon,

Many quite interesting thoughts here. Although I am not quite sure about the bi-monthly vote, I would throw in the idea of having 9 figures instead of 6 or 12 per year as 9 is one of the magical numbers Tolkien used (well all of you know the thing about 9 ringwraith and fellows and so on :D ).

I like your idea, Estel. :) It would just mean a figure every 5 or 6 weeks instead of monthly, but it could make all the difference with the time crunch.

Having noticed the man getting a little behind with deadlines, it had crossed my mind to suggest “sculptor’s choice” one of the months. I figured if he had some half done figure laying around he could just finish it up or conversely, he could pick a figure he really wanted to sculpt. However; I never suggested that because it might have caused future snaffus with suggestions. I’d still be curious what Mr. Tubb would sculpt if he were given complete free reign.

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