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MMP Elder

Great info gavin !!! maybe that brings me to a conclusion….

Such lore can’t be placed in the datasheets , too little space available. so I’ll make a little synopsis, BUT, for all figurines from MERP that have a representation in the MITHRIL universe. Maybe we could open a topic (in the mathom category) to copy all the text related to them. (oh and by the way, I’m still missing info on Meno├»b?)

That means : the thieves of Tharbad, the army of Far Harad, the ancient folk and special MERP undeads, Tolwen, Hundin, Eribhen, Ruil, Tughaib, Zalg, Saviga, Karagat and others from Mount Gundabad, Murazor, Adunaphel, Ren, Uvatha and the others Nazgul backgrounds from MERP)
That could be interesting don’t you think?

As for my links, well I don’t understant the problem. I just mean that you click the direct links I wrote in my former post, and that should open directly the window for the information on this precise Reference, rather than having to search through the whole database.

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