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    Miruimor was once named Firailian, a bright and intelligent woman born of Black Numenorean aristocrats in the City of Umbar in the 16th Century of the Third Age. A scholar, and drawn to the mystic, she was born into her family’s worship of the darkness. Through her studies, she came to realise that Sauron saw the Numenorean aristocrats of Umbar as mere pawns in his struggle with the Valar. She saw that as a sign of his power and intellect. Others thought her ideas heretical. Sauron was the Black Numenorean’s patron, not some distant demigod who treated them as pawns. Such heresy marked her for death, but she escaped through cunning. She travelled to Gondor under a false name, and armed with her sharp wits and dark sorcery, she soon learned many of the secrets of the White Tower. Her daring brought her to Sauron’s attention and guided by dreams, she made her way to Dol Guldor where she became an apprentice to the Necromancer himself. In return for her service, he gave her the task of reclaiming Thuringwathost, an ancient fortress close to Dagorlad, for the darkness.

    There she became a minor power, the Necromancer’s lieutenant on the porous eastern borders of Gondor. It is said that although she was gifted with the long lifespan of the heirs of Numenor, she wanted more. She learned sorcery to help extend her life. Said spells need blood and at length, Miruimor became a distant echo of the ancient Vampires of Beleriand in the elder days.