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    (Note: Dagohir was originally introduced in the Cardolan supplement as Ardagor the Warlord. His name was later changed in the now incredibly rare “Arnor: the People” supplement as Dagohir

    Dagorhir (literally “warlord”)

    The Warlord is an abomination, the product of a failed experiment born in the Necromancer’s dungeons beneath Dol Guldor. An admixture of Elf and Troll, the experiment should not have survived. But survive, it did. The resulting horror was a creature with a long, graceful form (though massive and powerful) and a hideous troll-born face. The Warlord had an elven intellect, and a troll’s violence. Worse, the Warlord had such a terrible psychotic hatred of orcs that the Necromancer could not keep him in check. He was sent to the Witch King of Angmar. The Lord of the Nazgul had a use for the creature. Trolls in central Cardolan were not answering the Witch King’s commands. The Warlord soon bent them to his will. The Warlord formed a mighty army capable of threatening the Princes of Cardolan and Rhudaur. The Warlord’s realm was finally broken during a long summer of bloody fighting in TA 1643. The Warlord himself was reported slain, but others claim that he survived and he lived on to serve the Witch King for centuries to come.