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    Ruil   M165 : ERIBHEN™ & RUIL™

    The Dunmen of old were ancestor worshippers, laying their dead in great barrows, surrounded by treasures. Wise men and wise women would speak to the dead, whispering prophecies and wisdom, secrets and portents to the leaders of the Daen tribes. But there was another set of practices, lurking like an illness, worked often in secret. Men called this the “dark worship.” The Wise had other names for it.
    These ways were the ways of the enemy, where dark priests would bend the voices of the dead to their will, reach deep into the shadows of the night seeking power and lore. In the shadows, voices answered, voices in the service of the Dark Enemy himself. Ruil was one such priest.
    Perhaps once, in far off days, he respected the ways of his people and propiated the spirits properly. But eventually, he found the shadows and the power they offered.