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Well, I’m back at least and I’m not above making some noise in here…but first a tall scrumpy please! And , Barli, I’ve never actually heard the ‘ca-ching’ of the register in here with everyone running a tab! And please put that scrumpy on my tab, please! Anyway, I was gone to the Far East (or the Far West from my corner of the planet). I had an extended stay in Japan. That would be another long posting, so suffice to say I’m back. In trying to catch up with some of the recent postings I noticed that not much has happened on the Mithril front! I didn’t win in the painting contest, but I’m glad that one of ours did. Some fantastic stuff there…and the hard drive issues of Chris Tubb I can certainly relate too ahveing just survived a crash! Also, I saw Glidor’s posting about the dates of the LR and LT series and it reminded me of those times. I have some interesting trivia about the LR series regarding the shape of the bases. As you may or may not know, the LR series was an effort to hang onto their license as producing collectable miniatures. This and the ‘assembly needed’ aspect of some of the very first ones was part of that too. I believe that they were also looking to distance themselves from the old M series as well. I think the shape was retained for the LT series for the same reason. The LR series has always been overlooked in terms of the sculpting. The oddly shaped base (circle within a rectangle) was originally intended to accommodate a name plate!
Check out this picture and you can see one in the mold:
[imgz url=][/imgz]
This picture, by the way is of a master mold and was provided to me by the late Adam Dawson, the first and former web master for Mithril

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