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    yup me too!! (i’m currently painting the dol amroth vignette (MV420) that will be a good introduction :) those knights are a true pleasure to paint :)

    I have gathered all info from LR1 to LR15 so far, I’ll need Gavin putting some info on the 9 Nazgul MERP backgrounds as these are quite “rich background” in the MERP universe… I am working with my own collection lately as the LO and LR series are not filled in Arnaud Godet database (the number of parts) . Since mine are already glued and painted (the nazgul) I hope I did not make a mistake retracing the parts but I have done them recently so that should be fresh in my head…

    Please feel free to check the LR series in my database to see if I made mistakes (for LR11-20) I gave some info concerning the design and the name of these figurines too in the description…

    (I know I should not discuss work matters in a place that is meant for relaxation and rest ;) but well…)