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    oh well, vacations are the perfect time to fill a database :)

    I have been away from this work for too long, hopefully by september, all Mithril references will be entered… I admit I still have to work on some pictures to make them fit for the database (and be sure there is no copyright problem, as some of you may have noticed, I got authorization from Mithril to use official pics so that this database is an “official and secure” information source, but that means I Must be careful not to put images that are not extracted from anything else than the advertisement sheets or ebay offers done by Chris Tubb or Mithril… any other pics are for the “bottom gallery”, which leads to the possibility of having pics for the “bottom”… and not for the “upper gallery” especially hard for prototypes… unreleased MW (which do not have copyright at all since they were not sold)… old Christmas… and everything below MB358