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I added a little “tool” in the database search engine, for “Complete listings” search.
Since I have all the LO,LR,LT and soon MC and MCD too, along with the prototypes (ME), Christmas (Chr) and everything… If someone wants to “display” a full listing by reference let’s say… the list will begin with LO, LR, LT and only then M (it is alphabetical). I gave the possibility , for this search, to ONLY display the M range. so that no other will be displayed (and since M range is the most sought after)
Indeed, if one wants to display only the LO, LR, or any “special” search the “advanced search” allows that if you ask for special ranges only to be displayed. (you can for example, display only the M range, via the advanced search too, but many people will want to have a full list of M only, without having to process an advanced search)

I thought it could be interesting for “hurry” collectors in search of some info …

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