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    Rhuooomm … none of a shock, as you say Master Barliman , and it didn’t surprise me at all.
    As I learned before submitting the Imrahil as an MX.figure I knew that there was an Imrahil sculpted for the “Swan Knights”. Different pose but nonetheless being a prince of Dol Amroth.
    I chose the MX-Imrahil to announce the sale of the “Knights of Dol Amroth”. … rhuooomm…
    As I was in close contact with The Man while considering the release of the Swan-knights I have to state that he helped me a lot … rhuooommm … of course I was aware of the Imrahil in the set of the ‘Swan Knights’ but also wanted to have the battle-worn Imrahil as something special … rhuommm … and so is the variant with the sword …… rhuoommmhommm