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    Well, as the ‘royal dragon of the First-age’ was the first dragon I painted I can tell you all I know about it and hope it helps.
    On the assembly sheet inside the box I could find the note:
    “Copyright and Trademarks Tolkien Enterprises 1996”
    To me that makes sense, because he is available in the 1997 catalogue as the third dragon (not counting M62) after ‘The vengeance of Smaug’ and ‘Scatha’.

    Yes, it’s strange that in the 1997 catalogue MB369 is the Uruloki (page 24) and the M369 Dain huscarl (page 29). So both can be easily detected by referring exactly to the reference nr, either MB or M.
    But what worries me a bit is the name of M369. “Dain huscarl” (English) clearly means that the figure is not King Dain, as a ‘huscarl’ is a member of a kingly bodyguard. That is expressed in the French name for the figure “Garde du Corps de Dain”. So the German translation is absolutely misleading, as it is “Dain Eisenfuß” (Ironfoot) which is the king himself. Another fault by way of wrong (or inadequate) translation.
    I hope this helps, Gildor.
    Oh, by the way do you still need pics of the complete ‘Saruman Army’? I managed to take them some months ago. Just tell me. I could send you a CD and include the original pic from the Balrog-box if you need it.