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    Well, as you still are intersted … I will do so.
    I will send you a CD with all of those ‘Saruman’ fellows and will enclose some leaflets from the first company in Germany providing ‘Mithrils’, which once was ‘Laurin’. These are those I did not send you last time … hom … I don’t know why, but they’re rare. Anyway I do hope that this time you might keep them, unless someone damages and riots your car again.
    Should I also include the pic from the ‘Uruloki’-box? – Just let me know, please.

    Tree, me

    Take care

    Post scriptum:
    I nearly forgot to thank you for all the work you did since January 2008. Respect, Gildor, or should I rather say “chapeau!”. Just keep on, and thank you.