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    I doubt I will ever take such material in car again…. I now make copies of everything MMC people are sending me. As I begin to be the “depository” of many mithril ressources that I would not wish at all to be lost!
    I do have the Uruloki box still Theobald, it’s just I don’t have it in my appartment right now… (I have gathered and collected every mithril boxes and blisters since I began collecting, I still have the M62 original box I bought back in 1994 or so, with all the documents inside … I still keep all of it (except for second-hand figurines I bought without blister; for them, I created artificial computer-generated blisters I print on blisterlike paper ;) I know.. I am crazy ….)

    As for your thanks, well thank you for your thanks lol
    By the end of August, I hope the database will be totally filled.. I think it will… I have reached MB369 so far…. and all other ranges are already filled. Uploading pictures is done in ten seconds for each reference… the longest part is to work on those pictures to resize them, but I’ll manage :)

    Once the Database is done… I plan to make a mass advertisment and reference my site seriously to make it win credits on Google, so far I have kept it quite “incognito” even if the Mithril collectors begin to know where to look at :)

    Hopefully with the help of Chris Tubb, I will have exclusive material found nowhere else on the internet concerning his works…