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    Yes, you’re right with that, Gildor. That’s what I call the dark ages of Mithril … after quite a while even the new start of the LR-series went down (you remember those differently shaped bases).
    After the LR-series did not achieve the high prospects of a limited series the LO (54mm) were put on. As we all know they didn’t sell well and by now are not much appreciated any more.
    So are the Christmas figures. I stubbornly asked for a Christmas figure for 2007, as there was none in 2006. – Well, I simply was afraid that Mithril was forgetting about a Christmas Figure once again. Then I tried to remind that another figure is due to those collecting the MS-range …
    I also started a thread on the Mithril-site about an anniversary figure that is due to appear this year. … well, M500 is a fine Gandalf anyway …