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    I’m here too, but – alas – I have to moonlight doing other jobs in order to earn a living, and that occasionally distracts me from my more important duties at the Pony.

    As you say, it was quite busy just a few days ago, but surprisingly not as busy as I’d anticipated – I was quite expecting a more demonstrative response to my suggestion that there might be things to criticise in any of The Man’s figures. As such, of course, it was not intended to denigrate any of his undeniably superlative work – but I just thought that it might be worth hearing from anyone who felt there was anything that they’d have liked to see done, well, differently.

    One that I was reminded of yesterday (on reaching the ‘Ride of the Rohirrim’ chapter in my current peregrination through Middle-earth) is the fact that I’ve always felt Chris’s Woses are not lumpy or squat enough to marry up with JRRT’s very specific description of their appearance. Inddeed, the Mithril figures look more like athletes than the ‘short-legged and fat-armed, thick and stumpy’ characters the book parades before us.

    Anyway, I must be off again – I’m still supposed to be moonlighting.