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Gildor Inglorion wrote:
though not realistic into the Middle-earth universe (at least for elves) you will admit that it is a pleasure to paint no? :)

maybe I’m alone but i tak far much more pleasure painting a knight of Dol Amroth, an Elendil or Isildur, or why not a nazgul in armor (LR11-19) than simples crappy orcs in tatters :) (sorry if I hurt anyone, Mithril orcs are great but Orcs are my nightmare…I try to paint the least of them)

I totally agree to you Gildor, and I can also understand why Orcs are horror to pait. Try using inks it makes life easier and makes the orcish devilry look so filthy. I do not agree much, that plate armour is not realistic, even if I do not like to mcuh plate on the Mithril figures, but for the D.A. knights it is perfectly done.


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