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G’day Barliman, Gildor and co, been a while – it’s great to see you’re all still kicking and debating the relative merits of scrappy orcs versus plated knights (say mounted Galadriel or Celeborn). I might have to run with Barliman here – I quite enjoy the weathered, beaten look of the orcs, and feel that they really capture the vibe of the books. That said, I don’t mind the odd polished Gondorian man-at-arms from time-to-time either. Indeed, the figure that I’ve almost finished painting (which has been at that stage since sometime in late 2006/early 2007, when I last had the energy to do the Mithril thing) is a ghost warrior, and there’s some really great work on the tattered armour and clothing that’s a joy to paint.

So how have you all been? I have to apologise in advance for not reading the preceding 24 pages of goings-on at the Pony – I may when I get the chance. I hope you’re all well, and touch wood will be around a bit from now on.

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