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You’re absolutely right regarding the heights business, Dave (you can still see the dent in the taproom doorframe where a bunch of Elves in helmets came through a few years back). JRRT tells us that the Noldor were the tallest Elves, and though I can’t find the actual reference anywhere I’m pretty sure that they were about seven feet. Mind you, if you rfead LOTR often enough you’ll begin to notice that ‘tall’ is one of the Professor’s favoiurite adjectives, and is applied to just about anyone important at some point in the story (Hobbits and Dwarves excepted).

Chris, on the other hand, has never seen the Elves and Numenoreans as quite so tall as perhaps JRRT intended. There used to be a chart of creature heights on the Mithril wsebsite some years ago (it may still be there, but I haven’t looked), and it can also be found on page 3 of the Mithril Classics Handbook. In this the Noldor Elves stand only about 6ft 3in (sorry, my brain refuses to think in metric at this time in the morning) and the Sindar about 6ft.

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