Reply To: M329 The Ringwraith

erchamion wrote:
I took time behind this figure looking for Ebay and donĀ“t get. Does Anyone know why is it so rare? It had its time in less spin than other figures or simply I’m having bad luck….:rolleyes:

If one wants a purely speculative explanation here’s a try! The reason for rarity is two fold, with the first having to do with the molding process. This figure is “deeper” than most, if not all, Mithril which are spin molded and largely made within somewhat planer constraints (having details such as limbs, weapons, and so forth, molding separately.). I can imagine that removing it from the mold may have presented difficulty which limited its final production numbers. The other reason is cross-over appeal. The inherent ‘coolness’ of this figure prompted many non fans of Mithril to snap up the remaining copies. I can remember the days just after the release of this figure. Others from this series were easier to find (if one can say such a thing about Mithril!), and usually, this figure was not to be found. Again, pure guesswork here;)

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