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ESTEL wrote:
Mae govannen, my friends,

seems that there are more Elf-friends out there. :rolleyes:I cannot remember, that we had many Elves in the GF other than Cirdan and Gil-Galad, 2 Sindarin Elves and some of those smiths. :/
I wished, we could have on of those great figures C.T. has designed in the past, like the range “Elvenking’s hall” or “Lothlorien”. These were the Elves influencing my vision of those people mostly. The newer versions of the Elves did not satisfy me much, so there is some hope? :D


Well we had Thranduil, we also had his standard bearer, Celebrimbor (fighting Annatar), the noldo smith who made Anduril, and as you mentionned Gil-Galad at Gorgoroth and Cirdan at the Grey Havens. that makes three Sindar, and three Noldor.

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