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Barliman wrote:
Rumours’r’us, Master Tree. As for Ladbrokes (when spelt that way!), I know nothing about such establishments, being not in possession of enough luck or enough coiny things to risk them on games of chance. If I squandered the Pony’s minimal profits that way I’d not be able to afford the Mithrils I need.

I notice, incidentally, that no one mentions whether or not they’ve received their Dol Amroth troops yet.

Mine haven’t arrived for the simple reason I haven’t ordered yet (being in the usual state of ‘skint’), but then I am supposed to be on a Mithril auto shipment which has of late been a bit tempermental insamuch that I have had remind those good people of this fact, but having said that the autoshipment option seems to have gone a bit out of control as they no longer specify which figures you are paying for, just a total, nor do they seem to split it down to individual releases, so potentially I could end up with a payment request of a lot more ‘dosh’ than I can afford.

Still I hope to order soon, having waited so long…….

And I am really looking forward to the next ‘job-lot’ of GDF releases.

And whilst on the soap -box, I hope that these strange new members are genuine, but looking at the strange names I fear that the Horn of Buckland may need sounding soon……..

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