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As I am a member of a great many painting forums and such, I try to promote interest in Mithrils from time to time on those sites. One of the sites (Historicus Forma) has a rather nifty thing called a campaign. It’s basically a group build or paint with a specific topic in mind. I like it because it gives me a deadline. :D

Anyway, I’m running an “Anything Tolkien” campaign where one paints any Tolkien character (or Tolkien type character). If anyone would like to join in, here is the link to my topic (which has a link to the campaign sign-up):

It officially started yesterday, but the deadline to finish is October 31. (I like to give a lot of time, especially since there are no limits on size…and since I decided to paint MV359 for it. :D)

(You have to sign up at Historicus Forma to participate, but they don’t spam or anything like that.)

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