Reply To: Post diorama pics here

jdbrown55 wrote:
Just like everyone says: Brilliant Work! How long does something like this take you to do?

This was a long ago project JD so memory and ‘Lumber-rooms’ spring to mind, but some Mithrils have taken many years to finish mainly because I can’t stick with something long enough before moving on elsewhere. So in all honesty the figures would have been painted at various times over a period of a couple of years probably. The Pony itself is the second attempt I think.

The exception to that rule being the recent Corsair release which was a record for me, and I guess with another competition on the way so will Dol-Amroth.

I’m in the process of painting up some of the Lossarnach guys for ‘service afloat’ (that statement will make sense one day) and am making good progress at the moment doing a bit here and a bit there, but it does make me realise that if I was a wargamer I would have the smallest armies ever because I just cannot paint on a production line basis.

Sad to say, as much as I love Mithril figures I do get bored too easily when painting small scale figures which is why I will now concentrate on smaller groups of figures where possible just so I can enjoy the painting, he said………! :rolleyes:

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