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In fact, David, I have made my mind up with the ships. I do know Revell´s Santa Maria and it seems to me a very good alternative. I agree to you, that it looks- in a converted scene- more elvish. Concerning the zvesda model I have heard some rumors about the less quality? :(
Some model-freaks in german modelling- forums are discussing that- by the way: great works to find at these model-forums. Those guys are wonderful . . . :D
Can you agree with that? I don´t like Revell very much- but the Santa Maria is a very nice ship indeed – and in general !
Yes, yes- the grey havens . . . my unfulfilled passion. :rolleyes:
In the meantime there are a lot of works in progress rising on my horizon ( is this right wording ? ).
Don´t forget Turin and Glaurung, there are also some Harad dioramas in progress, and there are . . . . .
I am afraid that time won´t last. Everybodys fate, I suppose . . .

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