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Theobald wrote:
I dunno if that is more economical. And to be honest it doesn’t matter much to me. I’m just glad to have them in my hands after such a long time of waiting. I think it really is a very good set of regular M-figures.
As for those butchers of Mithrils (sorry, I mean those of you who think of converting figures) I think it’s best to chop up those riders at their waists ;) .
But that could imply a lot of skilled work, meseems.

‘Tis indeed but a technicality Master Theobald because there isn’t much difference to the detail below the waist in all honesty.

I think, (and hope) that by changing the arms about that variations will be easily be achieved, and with the odd beheading and swappping of heads, many variants will be possible.

The important thing is, as stated is that they [The Knights of Dol Amroth] are here at last, and this is one release that I have wished for above all others – the image that springs to mind is that from the film of Waterloo where the ill-fated charge of the Scot’s Greys is captured in slow motion (more like the non-existant scene from the film of Faramirs’ charge), albeit with a different outcome. The one piece casting while inconvenient is not by any means a major draw back. ;)

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