Reply To: Isildur MV


Oh, Wendy, you chose a difficult vignette.
Yes, I did assemble and paint that one (or better: the other way round). I first painted the figures and all details as they’re supposed to stand that close. Then assembling is somewhat tricky and takes a lot of time. I used a very good superglue – and even in spite of that it was a bit difficult to have all items in the places they should stick to. I think it doesn’t make much sense to pin all the little parts as they’re too small. That might damage parts of the figures.
Well, and once glued the painted parts it’s a good job to do the highbrushings and shadings with a very small brush.
At least that’s how I tried to cope with that, well, difficult vignette (I’m referring to MV359)
Good luck !!!

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