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    MMP Elder

      Long time ago i wanted to create a Mithril museum and collect all rarities produces by Mithril & Chris “behind the scene”… but that’s a hard dream to achieve…

      Now, most of you know about the abandonned warbands and there are lots of pics around.

      Here I wanted to make a “Christmas exposition” as we are nearing Christmas, dedicated to all Christmas figurines made over the years, and including some unique prototypes that do not match any “series”. So here is my little pride… only one figurine is missing in this “hall of fame”, and of course you all know which one it is

      (for a bigger version you can go there : http://mithril.faerylands.eu/img/halloffame2020.jpg)

      explanation (from back to front, from left to right)

      The 54mm white prototypes :
      – [mith]54Proto4[/mith] (Aragorn) [mith]54Proto2[/mith] (Galadriel) [mith]54Proto3[/mith] (Saruman)

      The 32mm Prototypes & Gifts and unreleased 54mm Christmas Promotionals :
      – [mith]Chr1988[/mith] (Aragorn) [mith]32Proto1[/mith] (Dwar of Waw) 32Proto2 (Witch-King) [mith]Chr1990[/mith] (Eowyn) [mith]MS423A[/mith] (Galadriel) [mith]Chr1991[/mith] (Patrick Sarsfield) [mith]32Gift1[/mith] (Morlas, prince of squirrels) [mith]32Gift2[/mith] (Born of Hope) 32Proto4 (Tuor at sea) [mith]Chr1992[/mith] (Galadriel) 32Proto3 (Hobbit on horse) [mith]Chr1993[/mith] (Isildur)

      The 54mm grey prototypes and first batch of 54mm “Fellowship” antique finish Christmas figurines
      54Proto5 (Legolas) [mith]Chr1994[/mith] (Gandalf) [mith]Chr1995[/mith] (King Arthur) [mith]Chr1996[/mith] (Bard) [mith]Chr1997[/mith] (Theoden) [mith]54Proto1[/mith] (Saruman)

      The second batch of 54mm “Fellowship” antique finish Christmas figurines :
      – [mith]Chr1998[/mith] (Elrond) [mith]Chr1999[/mith] (Barliman) [mith]Chr2000[/mith] (Imrahil) [mith]Chr2001[/mith] (Arwen) [mith]Chr2002[/mith] (Beregond) [mith]Chr2003[/mith] (Radagast) [mith]Chr2004[/mith] (Faramir) [mith]Chr2006[/mith] (Arthedain Captain)

      The next generation of 32mm “Fellowship” Christmas figurines (some can be sold in antique or grey coat finish)
      – [mith]Chr2007[/mith] (Thranduil) [mith]Chr2008[/mith] (Sharkey) [mith]Chr2009[/mith] (Broggha) [mith]Chr2010[/mith] (Lord od Khand) [mith]Chr2011[/mith] (Sagath Chieftain) [mith]Chr2012[/mith] (Girion) [mith]Chr2013[/mith] (Prince of Umbar) [mith]Chr2014[/mith] (Lossoth chieftain) [mith]Chr2016[/mith] (Dunlending high-chief)

      The recent generation of 32mm unassembled & unprimed “Fellowship” Christmas figurines :
      – [mith]Chr2017[/mith] (Imrahil) [mith]Chr2018[/mith] (Galadriel, 30th anniversary) [mith]Chr2019[/mith] (Arvedui)

      I wish I could add one or two more… maybe … in a dozen years :) Please , if you know any “gifts” or “protos” that are not on this picture, let me know. My goal is to federate all knowledge of Mithril (or Tolkien related stuff made by C.Tubb…)


        This is incredible to see all these on the same shelves !

        I counted at least 10 I miss in my onw collection. Wahou, thanks for sharing this with us Master Elf.:cool::cool::cool:

        Fabrice JACOB

          Is it Christmas day ?

          What a pleasure to be able to admire all these rarities !

          Congratulations Master Gildor, your pugnacity to achieve such a result deserves only our full respect !

          It would be wonderful to be able to contemplate them all with the last one, at the Western Open / Mithril Trophy 2021 ;) !

          MMP Elder

            my pugnacity has ceased sometimes back in 2019… I used to have more faith, now all of this is just a “souvenir” I think :)

            I still have some items to find but hope is gone

            as for the trophy in 2021, well let’s hope we’ll be able…


              Nice to see all those rare little fellows on same place… :-)


                At least I contribute for one Legolas 54mm Proto on this shelf :D

                MMP Elder

                  sure thing master mornedhel :)

                  now though I still don”t know if other curiosities exist outside of my knowledge ?


                    Wonderful, Gildor! I miss several of the Christmas figures and Patrick S.

                    MMP Elder

                      well Patrick S is a christmas fig :)

                      fact is, no one ever found out if there was really a release for 1989 and what it really was as you well know. and I know there are other prorotypes around that I still miss. of course the ME2 (though Legolas and Saruman, even if not having a reference certainly are among the “ME” series), at least the Saruman one according to Chris, belongs to the same “range”.

                      I did not include other figurines from Chris from “non mithril range” but there could be others. (the Grenadier 54mm females, or the Phaeton Design range for example, and I also have managed to achieve my collection of Prince Agust “Characters” from CH1 to CH31, but I dont have many “Friends and Foes”, not very interested in them though I should but I think Milo has done a faaar better job than me on that :))

                      I am still trying to collect what I miss, though I am not sure about what I miss …

                      maybe some variants. all help finding rarities to complete the “museum” is welcome. and I hope I’ll be able to “expose” next year


                        If you miss some Grenadier 54mm old ones, I may have 1-2 spare somewhere if it can be useful.
                        About F&F, I am almost @ complete set, and I have a lot of spare which I need to check (~200 I think)

                        MMP Elder

                          Oh i have three “Females from another world” figurines, though I won’t paint them, they are collectors. I did not buy the Time machine resin replicas, but I should have… in order to paint them.

                          F&F, well maybe you could tell me what you have spare I may be interested in a few.

                          MMP Elder

                            sorry to raise an old topicĀ  but I just wanted to say I included 32Proto2 (witch King) and 32Proto3 (Hobbit on horse) in the new site, I still miss good pic for 32Proto4 (Tuor)
                            I also need a good pic of 54Proto5 (Legolas) to publish it
                            but mostly I lack information details on the origin of all those prototypes… I may own those, I lack info on their background hmm

                            I may also begin adding Bitume and Fantasy moulds (and Friends & Foes) soon enough…

                            “Elves seldom give unguarded advice, for advice is a dangerous gift, even from the wise to the wise, and all courses may run ill.” (Gildor Inglorion, LOTR1)

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