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      Hello dear friends

      I wanted to share with you a new picture of a very special gift.

      I received this by mail less than a week ago from Chris, a very special gift, made exclusively, to “replace” my lost LO25 (the background story is that the LO25 Gildor I had, was the only one painted by my ex-wife… when I moved away, I did not manage to get back this one… she destroyed it and threw it away… and I had mentionned this episode to Chris at some point…. Now the LO25 is not rare, and I got myself another but it was symbolic….

      In order to replace this “loss”, Chris decided to 3Dsculpt one, exclusive, and printed it in the two scales, both 32mm and 54mm (which is a premiere for a figurine)

      I hope you like it… Personnaly, it moved me to tears …

      I think I will baptize it “Gildor, Mithril hunter” as it is clearly supposed to be… me



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        Now that is a amazing gift Master Gildor! The 3 Gildor’s! 👍😉


          Very nice from Chris


            Oh! I did not previously see this post. Looks great and such a nice gift!


              This is another marvel you added to your unique collection Master Gildor, Bravo !


                wow! awesome friendship you have with him.


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