an unknown variant/prototype of Cirion & Eorl

MMP Mithril in Middle-Earth The Mathom House of Michel Delving an unknown variant/prototype of Cirion & Eorl

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    Hello there gentlemen,

    I recently saw that Mithril was selling on ebay , among a lot of old and early references, a very unique version of the Cirion & Eorl vignette which is clearly different from the regular one from the fellowship (MS258)

    here is the link :

    this is the first time I have ever seen this version of Eorl  with this special face, and Cirion with a numorean helm in his left hand instead of the white scepter, both with their hand on the stone.

    the base read Cirion & Eorl 1991, not MS258…. considering it looks like the long disappeared 1989 Isildur vignette (which is the early version of the MS226, the vignette just before MS258)  I may think this prototype was the early version of the Christmas 1989 before being replaced by Patrick Sarsfield in the end. That’s what Milo and I think at least. I will ask Chris about it

    Thankfully for me I won the auction so I will see this vignette with my own eyes soon and will keep you informed.




    Hi Gildor,

    I thought you might be the winner! Well done!

    I was watching it but I didn’t realise at the time how special it was and so I didn’t bid on it. It was only afterwards, when I looked at the finished listing and looked at photos of the released version, that I realised the uniqueness of it. The rest of the afternoon was spent kicking myself!

    In my opinion I much prefer it to the released Fellowship version, it tells the story better.

    I’ve been looking at the other listings to see if there are any other variants. Has anyone spotted any others?

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    So far I have not seen any, but it seems those listings are endless…


    though it is great for new collectors , I wonder if Mithril is not “closing shop” by selling everything they still have…. nothing new has been released in months… and no news from Chris… I am a bit worried

    If I see anything I will check, though I am really looking after any prototypes myself 🙂


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    Hi Gildor

    I got a M201 Gondorian mounted officer from the auction, with a wrong serial number (M200) on the base. Is that to be considered as a variant?

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    mmh could you send a pic? It may be a small variation yes 🙂



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MMP Mithril in Middle-Earth The Mathom House of Michel Delving an unknown variant/prototype of Cirion & Eorl

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