Farewell Boromir, Son of Gondor.

MMP Mithril in Middle-Earth The Art Gallery of Mayor Samwise Farewell Boromir, Son of Gondor.

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      Well some things do take a while to complete, the early stage photographs I have indicate that I started this project back in 2013. Since then a lot of water has flowed over Rauros, and Mithril have released other miniatures more suitable to my needs.

      The concept has remained the same with two differences. The first change was the base which I changed from a small round wooden one for a resin display base that came with some LotR collectables; this was for added stability.

      The second more important change was the release of the ‘Elven Boats’ sets MZ 645, MX668 and MX669. One of which was a Gold Fellowship suggestion, the other two were commissioned by Tom Wrich to complete the trio.

      Anyhow, the miniatures were completed, Boromir was given his enemies arms which I attached to a paperclip to give the impression that they were falling out of his boat (I think I should have added his shield, but forgot) the Falls of Rauros (obviously scaled down considerably) were created by using a translucent kitchen/bathroom sealant which was shaped over a base of tissue paper soaked in Gloss ModPodge glue (this was coloured prior to the sealant).

      Cotton wool material (stuffing from a soft toy I think) was used at the top of the Falls and at the bottom. At the top I again used Gloss ModPodge to stiffen the cotton wool material.

      For the water I used a two-part 1:1 clear casing resin which was poured into the hopefully sealed area that represents the River – as I didn’t know what level the water would come to I drilled a small hole on the river bed through which I attached the boat with Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli via a paperclip drilled into their boat. As the resin water was poured I was able to lower of raise the level of the boat so that it was neither swamped, nor ‘floating above the water surface’.

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    MMP Mithril in Middle-Earth The Art Gallery of Mayor Samwise Farewell Boromir, Son of Gondor.