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      Ymma 3rd Level Eriadoran Scout   M447 : ERIADORAN™ Female Scout

      Lvl: 3 Hits: 70 AT: SL/6 DB: 10 Sh: Y (Plain Round Shield +15) Melee OB: +28 (Spear)/+23 Knife Missile OB: +35 (sling) MovM +25 Will: 1
      Str: 65; Agility: 90; Con: 90; Intelligence 77; Wits: 82; Presence: 64; Appearance: 75. Wields a plain long spear. Skills: Climb: +33, Ride +28, Swim +28, Track +28, Ambush +51, Stalk/Hide +51, Pick Lock +36, Perception +23

      Ymma was a gawky, tomboyish too-tall and too-skinny serving girl at the Prancing Pony in Bree until one night the Ranger, Strider, sent her on a race into the dark to warn the Shirelings of the coming of the Nazgûl. Ymma may have been dismissed by the boys of the village as being too thin and too rough and tumble, but she was a very fast runner, and a very brave soul. She came through many adventures to deliver her warning. She impressed Gildor Inglorion with her courage and decency. When the time comes to defend Bree, she will be there.


        Aelfwine Rohir Bard    M5 : ROHIRIM™ foot warrior

        Level: 5 Hits 60 AT: Mail/15 DB: 15 Shield: Y (Round Shield +15) Melee OB: +80 (Hand Axe) Missile OB: +55 (Spear) +30 (Hunting Bow) MovM: +20 Will: 2
        Strength: 110; Agility: 96; Constitution: 80; Intelligence: 91; Intuition: 83; Presence: 90; Appearance 82. Aelfwine has an empathy with horses (+50 to all rolls involving horses), a companion animal (a stray dog rescued from the Westmarch) and is Charismatic (+10 bonus to all social rolls).
        Skills: Climb: +45; Ride +70; Swim +40, Track +35; Ambush +15; Stalk/Hide +20; Pick Lock +40; Disarm Trap +25; Read Rune +5; Perception +30.

        Aelfwine’s father spoke out against Gríma Wormtongue in the court of Edoras. It was just one more outburst which caused the king to send him away. Aelfwine grew up as a poor exile in the Westmarch of Rohan. When he grew to manhood, he joined the thane’s band, and rode against the Dunnish raiders harrying the people there. On his second sortie, the band was lead into a trap in the highlands and slain, almost to a man. The thane gave his life to save Aelfwine’s. Aelfwine rode to warn the Westmarchers of the threat. It wasn’t enough. The villages were burned. Aelfwine found himself following a thin trail of refugees heading north, seeking shelter from the coming war in the empty lands of Eriador. Aelfwine found himself in Bree, where he became a firm favourite of the local girls. His handsome face, beautiful singing voice and sad blue eyes won him the abiding affections of the maidens of the land. However, he knows that the terror that befell his people in the Westmarch is coming north. This time he will make a difference. This time, he will defend his charges.

        Note: the M5 is listed elsewhere as Rohir Warrior/Bard. I interpretted this to mean that the figure can be either a Bard figure or a Warrior. In this interpretation, he’s a pretty war-like Bard.

        Alternate Miniature: Prince August Druid-Bard CH36, [mith]MS460[/mith], [mith]M262[/mith]


          Meredur Ranger of the North   LR21 : The Watcher at SARN FORD™

          Level: 2 Hits 60 (He starts with only 25 due do wounds); AT Soft Leather/6; DB: 15; Shield: No; Melee OB +74 Bastard Sword (+44 wielded two handed); Missile OB +34 (Longbow) +29 (Spear); MovM +20; Will: 2
          Strength: 110, Agility: 95, Constitution 121, Intelligence 89, Intuition 76, Presence 94, Appearance 79. He carries an ancient Arnorian sword; it’s non magical, but a very fine and precious heirloom; has excellent night vision (as good an an Elf); has studied the lore of Eriador, Arnor and the history of the Daen peoples.
          Skills: Climb +31, Ride +46, Swim +31, Track +51, Ambush +15, Stalk/Hide +39, Pick Lock +15, Disarm Trap +10, Read Rune +15, Perception +29.

          Meredur is a Ranger of the North, descended from the ancient line of the Ekettas. On earning his seven-pointed star, he was sent to help guard the Shire, riding the bounds near Sarn Ford. He worked there for close to a year, driving off bandits and southern spies. Then one night the Nazgûl came. Meredur and his companions were ridden down and driven off. Several were slain. Meredur himself was wounded and afflicted by the Black Breath. The Elf Lord, Gildor Inglorion found him wandering senseless in the woodland. Gildor took him to Bree, to be cared for by the Ranger Gallind. Meredur is slowly recovering, but he is terribly weak and sometimes falls into a fey mood. By rights he should not be preparing for war and adventure, but there are too few left to guard the last fragments of civilisation in the North. Meredur will honour his oath and duty to his chieftain and to the peoples of the North.

          Note: Meredur is a composite character from the MERP Corebook. Due to an editorial oversight or type or something, the sample character (used in all editions of MERP) is alternately called Meredur or Galadhil. Galadhil and Meredur are written as strong-but-not terribly bright ranger characters. However, the Arnor sourcebook lists an alternate character creation system for Rangers of the North. Rangers of the North are, in effect, a different profession to plain old Rangers. So Meredur was re-calculated to abide by the newer rules for Rangers of the North. Galadhil (clearly a 1640 era character) remains as written.

          Alternate Miniature: [mith]M386[/mith]


            Turgon Fallen Knight of Gondor (Dunedain Warrior)   M489 : DOL AMROTH™ Knight with raised sword

            Level 5, Hits 155, AT Mail/15, DB +15, Shield Yes +15, Melee OB +90 (Longsword), +80 (Great Axe), Missile OB +35, MovM +20, Will 1.
            Strength 100, Agility 97, Constitution 107, Intelligence 85, Intuition 52, Presence 89, Appearance 85. Turgon carries a Lossarnach Great Axe, and a Dol Amroth cavalry spear.
            Skills: Climb +40, Ride +45, Swim +40, Track +25, Ambush +30, Stalk/Hide +30, Pick Lock +15, Read Rune +10, Perception +20.
            Turgon was a Knight of Dol Amroth until a disastrous skirmish with Corsairs. He was taken prisoner, and spent five years in Umbar until his release was ransomed by a mysterious benefactor. Returning to Gondor, he discovered that his family’s estate was in ruins, his family in disgrace and he was named as a traitor to Gondor by Denethor himself. Some intrigue surrounding the royal houses of Minas Tirith and Dol Amroth had overtaken his life. Perhaps he could have reclaimed his name and reputation, but he had no taste for politics. Instead, Turgon left Gondor. He lived as a mercenary fighting in border skirmishes as far away as Dorwinion and the Sea of Rhûn. There was plenty of work for a war-wise knight. The hot headed, sharp tempered Turgon made a perfect warrior for far away wars. What silver he earned, he spent. He was hired on as a guard-leader for a caravan heading west. He found himself in Bree, far from anything he had ever know. But the easy smiles and simple laughter of the people there spoke to him. The warrior found a home, for a time.

            Note: Turgon is the result of a one-line note for a character for a MERP game that was never played many long years ago. He is associated with a Swan Knight figure rather than an actual MERP type figure because there is no suitable MERP type figure. So a random Swan Knight is getting a promotion to a character figure. This is sort of cheating. I’m sorry. Subsequent figures will be MERP character figures.


              Lauriel Elf Lady of Rivendell   M448 : Female NOLDO™ elf Bard

              Level 3, Hits 75, AT None/0, DB +15, Shield No, Melee OB (Long Knife) +43, Missile OB (Hunting Bow) +28, MovM +15. Will 6
              Strength 44, Agility 87, Constitution 81, Intelligence 105, Intuition 89, Presence 117, Appearance 100. Lauriel carries an Elven harp which effectively adds +4 to her Will when working magic. She carries no other weapon than an ancient +10 Long Knife, made in Gondolin.
              Skills: Climb +18, Ride +33, Swim +23, Track +43, Pick Lock +43, Disarm Trap +23, Read Rune +48, Spell OB +38, Perception +18
              Spells: Item Lore 1st, Controlling Ways 1st, Illusions 3rd, Sound Control 5th, Lore 6th, Spell Ways 8th, Essence Ways 9th.

              Lauriel is a Noldorin Elf of Rivendell. She is young amongst her people, having been born before the fall of Arthedain. In recent years she has started to feel a longing for the sea, but also a deep love for Middle Earth. It is a complex feeling, one she shares with her kinswoman, Galadriel. She became a close friend to the bard, Gallind and the ranger Rilwen, spending long nights walking through the woods of Rivendell, speaking of the world. When her friends travelled away, she longed to follow. When they returned, briefly, to Rivendell that feeling grew stronger. When they returned from Wilderland, she abandoned her duties in Rivendell and followed her friends to Bree. There she met Gildor Inglorion again who told her that the High Elves’ time on earth was dwindling fast, but she would have one last task to perform, before the end.

              Note: Lauriel is a minor character mentioned in “Over The Misty Mountains Cold.” Her basic stats were inspired by the sample character of Lolindir from the MERP 2nd Ed Corebook. However, the character’s numbers quickly diverged from the source.

              Alternate Miniature: [mith]LR9[/mith], [mith]M212[/mith]


                Mírwen of Minas Malloth    M451 : DUNEDAIN™ Female Mage

                Level 3, Hits 58, AT None/0, Shield No, Melee OB +25 (Dagger) +15 (Quarterstaff ), Missile OB (Longbow) +25, MovM +15. Will: 6.
                Strength: 39, Agility 90, Constitution 43, Intelligence 99, Intuition 78, Presence 57, Appearance 84. Mirwen carries a well made (+10) quarterstaff that she claims to be a wizard’s staff, as well as a well made (+10) Númenorean knife. Her family heirloom, the Corlaiqa is an ancient artefact adding +2 to her Will score when casting spells.
                Skills: Climb +15, Ride +10, Swim +15, Track +25, Stalk/Hide +10, Read Rune +46, Spell OB +34, Perception +20, First Aid +25.

                Mírwen is the daughter of the Lord of Minas Malloth. Her mother was heir to a mystic tradition dating back to the seers of old Númenor. Each bore an emerald ring, handed down from mother to daughter all through the millennia. When Mírwen’s mother died, she inherited the ring. Mírwen departed to Gondor, seeking a position in the library of Minas Tirith. Surrounded by ancient lore, Mírwen, delved deep into the study of forbidden sorcery, seeking the secrets of the ancient tradition. Her studies were cut short, however when her father’s chamberlain summoned her home. Something terrible had occurred. Two days after leaving Minas Tirith, the Nazgûl stormed across the bridge at Osgiliath. She returned home to discover that her family had been ensorcelled by vile necromancy. Only the quick thinking and power of Belengol, the strange archivist of Minas Malloth saved their lives. Mírwen has come to Bree seeking aid for her family, sure in the knowledge that this is merely the opening move in a war that might doom the north.

                Notes: the character as written and as statted is almost identical to the character of Mírwen from the MERP Second Edition Core book (page 140- 141).

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