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      Update done 20/10/2010. See below.


        Update done 20/10/2010. See below.


          Unfortunately I don´t need any of your minis, but I would like to say, that it is very kind indeed of you, Milo, to offer your minis in this marketplace !!!!
          Chapeau pour toi !


            I could use a few of these. Will have to check more closely and I will PM later.


              I added several eagles that I cannot include in Carrock.


                Master Milo, I would be interested in M112, M427, M428, M429 and M431. Let me know.


                  Jason, check your mail. please, answer to pm & mail as i do not know where i will be when you send an answer;

                  I found 4 more extras in my trade list: [mith]M41[/mith], [mith]M224[/mith], [mith]M252[/mith], [mith]LR38[/mith]


                    Sent you an email.


                      Update done 18/11/2010. See above.


                        Could you say something about the price, Milo?


                          Don’t push Master Archer! No need for that. ;) I would recommend to sell them on ebay if you don’t get a offer within a week!
                          Not very helpful if you have a “give away” of figures and no teeth to chew your food. I put my offer in ;) and I wish everyone else who is interested will put a very reasonable offer in aswell.

                            hsf62 wrote:
                            Not very helpful if you have a “give away” of figures and no teeth to chew your food…

                            You are wise as an ent master caster :lol::lol::lol:

                            MMP Elder

                              I could be interested in a M73 if in blister but I don’ know what I could offer in exchange, I am not known to have any duplicates, I let others buy them once I have one for myself… So, I prefer to let others who miss the Camel, get one if they need one….

                              I have my own (unblistered and still unpainted) but could have used another one as it is indeed a very special figurine I affectionate…

                              I am in no hurry :)


                                Don’t know what to offer in exchange ? €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€
                                I am in no hurry neither. If these ends up one day on evil ebay, I would sell it for christmas.

                                But I think everyone here shall profit of the MMP exclusivity before such time comes 😎


                                  I updated again my trade list with quantity 0 for minis that are under evil ebay hands.

                                  MMP Elder

                                    alas euros are currently something I have difficulties to afford, not for a fancy at least…. I have to keep 60€ to pay for this website keep up in one month :p

                                    that’s why I prefer it goes to other people hands who need it more than I’ll ever do….

                                    would you have a ME2, that would be different ;)


                                      I received my minis Master Milo. Thanks again.


                                        You are very welcome Master Marshal.;)
                                        I am happy to learn the minis crossed the atlantic ocean without dammage !:P
                                        Check Far Harad topic where I talk about new minis to trade since wednesday (M73, M74, M79 as a start).
                                        Let me know if you would need any.


                                          Here is my trade list updated with the attic content. Enjoy and tell me quickly if you want one.

                                          1 [mith]M2[/mith] Elrond
                                          1 [mith]M4[/mith] Mounted Rider of Rohan
                                          1 [mith]M5[/mith] Rohirim foot warrior
                                          1 [mith]M10[/mith] Dunlending Priestess Dagger missing
                                          2 [mith]M11[/mith] Sindarin Elf Mage Staff missing for the 2nd one
                                          1 [mith]M12[/mith] Sindarin Elf Warrior
                                          1 [mith]M13[/mith] Sindarin Elf Female Scout
                                          1 [mith]M15[/mith] Northman Scout
                                          1 [mith]M17[/mith] Sagath Warrior
                                          1 [mith]M19[/mith] Dwarvish Warrior
                                          1 [mith]M23[/mith] Large Stone Troll
                                          1 [mith]M27[/mith] Theoden, King of the Mark
                                          1 [mith]M35[/mith] Tharbad City Guard & Officer
                                          1 [mith]M37[/mith] Cutpurse MIB
                                          1 [mith]M40[/mith] Tardegil, the Army Captain
                                          1 [mith]M42[/mith] Mannish Captain on Horseback
                                          1 [mith]M43[/mith] Mannish Warrior with scimitar
                                          1 [mith]M44[/mith] Mannish Warrior with Spear
                                          1 [mith]M45[/mith] Orc Berserker
                                          1 [mith]M46[/mith] Orc Archer
                                          1 [mith]M52[/mith] Gandalf the Wizard
                                          1 [mith]M53[/mith] Tom Bombadil
                                          1 [mith]M58[/mith] Marcho and Blanco
                                          1 [mith]M60[/mith] Hobbit Scout on Pony
                                          1 [mith]M64[/mith] Queen Arhendhiril & two maids MIB
                                          3 [mith]M73[/mith] Caravan guard on Camel MIB
                                          2 [mith]M79[/mith] Junast’s Guard MIB
                                          1 [mith]M124[/mith] Strider
                                          1 [mith]M128[/mith] Boromir
                                          0 [mith]M140[/mith] The Great Eagle Bilbo & Dori MIB
                                          1 [mith]M147[/mith] Nazgul on foot
                                          0 [mith]M151[/mith] Mordor Orcs
                                          0 [mith]M155[/mith] Thorin Oakenshield
                                          0 [mith]M163[/mith] Dwarven Adventurer
                                          1 [mith]MS225[/mith] Celebrimbor MIB
                                          1 [mith]M227[/mith] Bilbo
                                          1 [mith]M229[/mith] Thorin Oakenshield
                                          1 [mith]M230[/mith] Elrond
                                          1 [mith]M231[/mith] The Great Goblin
                                          1 [mith]M234[/mith] Thranduil
                                          1 [mith]M235[/mith] Bard of Lake-town
                                          0 [mith]M252[/mith] Pûkel Men
                                          0 [mith]M288[/mith] Orc Archer & Orc with Spear 288A Orc Archer only
                                          0 [mith]M301[/mith] Great Eagle : Gwaihir
                                          0 [mith]M302[/mith] Great Eagle : Landroval MIB
                                          0 [mith]M304[/mith] Great Eagle : Meneldor MIB
                                          0 [mith]M307[/mith] Stone Giant
                                          0 [mith]M326[/mith] Shagrat and Gorbag
                                          1 [mith]M339[/mith] Elrohir
                                          0 [mith]M417[/mith] Woodman archer defending
                                          0 [mith]M428[/mith] Infantry defending with axe/sword
                                          0 [mith]M430[/mith] Infantry charging with axe/sword
                                          0 [mith]M432[/mith] Infantry with sword/axe

                                          Let me know quickly if any is in your want list

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