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      Figurines coming from the Mirkwood modules/extensions.
      Includes references from M103 to M112.

      Special names :
      Huinen M105 : HUINEN™ the Seer, Arien M106 : ARIEN™, Elven Mage, Lachglin M107 : LACHGLIN™ the Animist, The Silent Shadow: Slyardach M108 : The Silent Shadow


        Huinen   M105 : HUINEN™ the Seer

        Huinen the Seer is an ancient Noldorin Elf, who dwelled in southern Mirkwood until the dying days of the Third Age. His origins are unclear, though he may have been one of the Exiles who followed Feanor to Middle Earth in the Elder Days. He was once the Grey Elf Oropher’s friend and confidant, it can be presumed that he followed that Sindarin prince east following the War of Wrath.

        By most lights, Huinen was quite insane. He wandered the woodlands as a stooped hermit, his great size obscured by his thick cloaks and mad-man’s shambling stride. Some would contend that this was merely a facade, that the ancient Noldor was very much in possession of his wits, and used his disguise to oppose the Necromancer. Others suspected that while he may well have opposed the Necromancer, his will was broken and his mind with it.

        Travellers tales credit the Seer with rescuing lost mortals from certain doom – or waylaying others from their path; in either case, all that the travellers remembered was a dim recollection of food and wine and then awakening on the forest floor in full daylight.

        Huinen dwelled at Ceber Fanuin, a lonely and beautiful Elven fortress in the hills of southern Mirkwood. The wise are unclear as to where it was. Some say it was a mere 70 leagues from Amon Lanc, others that it was further north, a spire carved from the stone of the Mountains of Mirkwood.

        What befell Huinen is unknown, but at least one source says that he followed Gildor Inglorion to Rivendell, and from there to the Grey Havens, and then home into the Uttermost West.


          Arien  M106 : ARIEN™, Elven Mage

          Arien was born Anoril, a wood elf girl from a small community in Mirkwood. She was marked at birth as one who could weave the songs of magic. She studied under the seer Indossa, in Thranduil’s halls. But Anoril came to want more: more lore, more knowledge, more power. Soon she was travelling throughout Wilderland, searching for answers to the questions that drove her. That was when Sauron the Necromancer found her, and took her to Dol Guldor. She learned sorcery from the Nazgul and she was then sent on her first mission: to infiltrate the home of Huinen the Seer and discover the true nature of the ancient Noldo.

          But something happened. Ariel never returned to Dol Guldor and never returned to her home in Thranduil’s hall. What befell her in the home of the Seer is unknown, though some say that she died, at the last, defending the fortress from the orcs of Dol Guldor.


            Lachglin   M107 : LACHGLIN™ the Animist

            At the source of the Enchanted River of Mirkwood, there lies a tower. Sarn Goriwing, the Wood Elves call it, and though it lies close to their realm, they dare not approach. There is a power there, and the power corrupts the river. The tower is the home of Lachglin the Loremaster, one of the Dark Lord’s minions.

            Lachglin was once accounted amongst the wise, a Dunadan Loremaster of Arthedain, a student of the Seers of Fornost. But like many others who studied the arts of far seeing and magic, he was tempted by the darkness. Lachglin fell into the Witch King’s snares, and for decades he was the Witch King’s spy in Fornost Erain. His treachery was discovered, but Lachglin fled with his life. From Angmar, he was sent to Dol Guldur. At the feet of the Necromancer, he learned the arts of sorcery and enchantment. He was an apt pupil. Proving himself, he was given the task of claiming Sarn Goriwing. There was an old power there, and he set about calling it forth again.

            The Dark Lord gave his minion one more gift, the Dindair demon, the Silent Shadow.

            The Enchanted River flowed dark again, thick with bewitchment and dreams.

            Lachglin the Animist remained at Sarn Goriwing for the remainder of the Third Age. He was a power of the darkness set against the realm of Thranduil for a thousand years. Lachlin’s sorcery and his bound demon and the power of the Enchanted River kept Lachglin ageless. Lachlin was driven out of Sarn Goriwing early in the 4th Age, though he himself remained a threat for long years of men after.


              The Silent Shadow : Slyardach  M108 : The Silent Shadow

              The Silent Shadow, or Dindair, is a demon of the ancient world, one of the lesser Maia turned, by Morgoth, into shadows of the night. The Dindair (the word is Silvan Elvish) were spies and night terrors and creatures who whispered lies and despair into the heart of men and elves. A few survived the fall of Morgoth, wandering homeless through Middle Earth; some became servants of Sauron when he arose again, others were bound by sorcerers and loremasters in those distant times. A few survived into the Third Age.

              One such Dindair was named Slyardach. A servant of Sauron during the Second Age, the creature was given to Lachglin the Loremaster for the animist’s protection – and to ensure the animist’s loyalty. The meaning of the name “Slyardach” is unknown, but those who knew of the creature speculate that it was a name given to it by a lost Mannish tribe of the Elder Day. Others suggest that the name itself is gibberish – the Silent Shadows are creatures of lies and deception and would scarce reveal their true names.

              Slyardach is said to have been destroyed during the Battle of Mirkwood, but the truth of the matter is unknown.

              Note: the word Dindair is Silvan Elvish. The Sindarin word is Dindae.

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