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      Figurines coming from several modules. They are put here because there is only one MERP reference in each of the ranges

      Special names :

      From “Halls of the Elven King” :
      Queen Arhendhiril  M64 : Queen ARHENDHIRIL™ & two maids

      From “Women of Middle-Earth” :
      Miruimor & Carangil  M324 : Female Vampires : MIRUIMOR™ & CARANGRIL™

      From “MERP Middle-Earth Characters” :
      Dagorhir  M443 : DAGORHIR™ “The Warlord”

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        Queen Arhendhiril   M64 : Queen ARHENDHIRIL™ & two maids

        Arhendhiril, The Lady of the Aradhrynd

        Wife of Thranduil, mother of Legolas Greenleaf, Arhendhiril is a Sindarin Elf of the House of Elmo. An ancient Elf Lady, she was born in the caves of Menegroth before doom befell that realm. Arhendhiril is said to have created the caves of the Aradhrynd in honour of her ancient homeland, now drowned beneath the western sea. Thus the woodland realm of the Greenwood carried within it an echo of Beleriand in the times before the world was changed.
        Arhendhiril and Thranduil’s marriage was political. She was the daughter of Amdir, King of Lorien, he the son of Oropher, lord of the Greenwood. But despite this, the alliance was a strong one, and loving. As Grey Elves tied to the doom of Middle Earth and memories of the First Age, they were distant and aloof rulers of a realm of gregarious and anarchic wood elves. But the often wrathful and passionate Thranduil earned their respect as a ruler in times of war, and the calm and clear eyed Arhendhiril earned their love and loyalty during the years of peace.
        It is said that in later years, Arhendhiril felt the sea-longing most keenly and withdrew from the court of Elven King. She dwelled in a simple bower in the wooded hills above the River Running, overlooking the stoney mounds of the Elf realm. In her abscence, it is said, some of Thranduil’s fiery passion twisted into greed and spite. It is said that she sought the Straight Road into the West sometime before the death of Arwen, lingering in Middle Earth long enough to see her son Legolas help save the free peoples of Endor from the darkness. It is not known if Thranduil and Arhendhiril reconciled, though some songs of the Wood Elves hold that it is so.

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          Miruimor   M324 : Female Vampires : MIRUIMOR™ & CARANGIL™

          Miruimor was once named Firailian, a bright and intelligent woman born of Black Numenorean aristocrats in the City of Umbar in the 16th Century of the Third Age. A scholar, and drawn to the mystic, she was born into her family’s worship of the darkness. Through her studies, she came to realise that Sauron saw the Numenorean aristocrats of Umbar as mere pawns in his struggle with the Valar. She saw that as a sign of his power and intellect. Others thought her ideas heretical. Sauron was the Black Numenorean’s patron, not some distant demigod who treated them as pawns.
          Such heresy marked her for death, but she escaped through cunning. She travelled to Gondor under a false name, and armed with her sharp wits and dark sorcery, she soon learned many of the secrets of the White Tower. Her daring brought her to Sauron’s attention and guided by dreams, she made her way to Dol Guldur where she became an apprentice to the Necromancer himself.
          In return for her service, he gave her the task of reclaiming Thuringwathost, an ancient fortress close to Dagorlad, for the darkness.

          There she became a minor power, the Necromancer’s lieutenant on the porous eastern borders of Gondor. It is said that although she was gifted with the long lifespan of the heirs of Numenor, she wanted more.
          She learned sorcery to help extend her life. Said spells need blood and at length, Miruimor became a distant echo of the ancient Vampires of Beleriand in the elder days.

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            Carangil   M324 : Female Vampires : MIRUIMOR™ & CARANGIL™

            Carangil was a Sindarin princess of Mirkwood, captured when her kin’s forest realm was overrun. She was enslaved and taken to the dungeons of Dol Guldur as a plaything for the darkness. How long she was imprisoned, few know. But in the end she was taken from the darkness below the earth and delivered as a gift to Miruimor.

            Carangil remains silent, remains submissive. Some suspect she has been broken by the darkness.
            But Carangil is merely biding her time, waiting for the opportunity to strike down the sorceress and destroy her nest of evil. She does not have the power nor warcraftiness to threaten her captors, but she knows her way around the fortress at Thuringwathost and she has seen much of the dungeons beneath Dol Guldur. With the right opportunity and the right allies, Carangil will prove that she is no one’s slave.

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              Dagorhir   M443 : DAGORHIR™ “The Warlord”

              The Warlord is an abomination, the product of a failed experiment born in the Necromancer’s dungeons beneath Dol Guldur. An admixture of Elf and Troll, the experiment should not have survived. But survive, it did. The resulting horror was a creature with a long, graceful form (though massive and powerful) and a hideous troll-born face. The Warlord had an elven intellect, and a troll’s violence. Worse, the Warlord had such a terrible psychotic hatred of orcs that the Necromancer could not keep him in check. He was sent to the Witch King of Angmar.
              The Lord of the Nazgul had a use for the creature. Trolls in central Cardolan were not answering the Witch King’s commands. The Warlord soon bent them to his will. The Warlord formed a mighty army capable of threatening the Princes of Cardolan and Rhudaur.
              The Warlord’s realm was finally broken during a long summer of bloody fighting in TA 1643. The Warlord himself was reported slain, but others claim that he survived and he lived on to serve the Witch King for centuries to come.

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            MMP Mithril in Middle-Earth The Court of Ardor Miscellaneous modules