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      Figurines coming from the Mont Gundabad modules/extensions.
      Includes references from M93 to M102.

      Special names :
      Zalg  M93 : ZALG™ the Goblin-King, Saviga  M95 : SAVIGA™, The King’s Consort, Akargin M96 : AKARGUN™ the Warlock, Karagat M99 : KARAGAT™ the High Priest, Bralg M102 : BRALG™ the Insane


        Zalg, the Goblin King of Mount Gunabad  M93 : ZALG™ the Goblin-King

        In the mid seventeenth century of the Third Age, the Goblin King Zalg ruled the orc tribes of Angmar and the northern Hithaeglir from his throne at Mount Gunabad. A canny and long lived warrior king, he had ruled his domain for more than a century and a half. A mighty warrior, capable of facing trolls in single combat, he was also a subtle, devious and intelligent monarch whose plots and intrigues matched those of the Angmarean lords in the low lands. He played the subservient warlord in his dealings with the Witch King of Angmar, but knew to asset his independance when dealing with the fractious northern orcish tribes.
        However, Zalg’s long rule came to an end in strife and chaos. He took a consort, the half-orcish sorceress Saviga, whose whispers threatened to undermine the orcish kingdom. Her heresy was simple: that the female orcs, long the bottom of the vicious hierarchy of the orc tribes might be as capable of thinking and action as their brutish male counterparts. Such an idea threatened chaos, and eventually chaos and war came, and the rulers of Mount Gunabad fell to terrible internecine warfare. That long civil war of attrition bought Arthedain at least half a century more of survival.


          Saviga   M95 : SAVIGA™, The King’s Consort

          Saviga was born of horror, and few stories are told of her youth. She was a half orc. She was raised amongst the Northmen of Laketown who treated the freakish girl with a distant kindness. In her youth, Saviga was trained by one of Laketown’s bards. He thought her well. She was captured in an orc raid in her twentieth summer and taken to Zalg as a plaything. But Saviga was no mere thrall whose will could be broken by a Goblin King. She struck the Goblin King on the face for his insult, and then composed a poem honouring his prowess but, perhaps, mocking his pride.
          Zalg took her as a consort, and Saviga worked her dwimmer craft on him, slowly, subtly. She had power and influence far beyond her station, and it was only Zalg’s fascination, and her subtle sorcery, which kept him from putting her aside (a fate which would mean certain death). Still, Saviga had an agenda, played a long game. She put aside treasures, plotted her escape and played the intrigues of Gunabad and Angmar through proxies. When the tensions of the Goblin Kingdom came to bloodshed, she knew, she would have to act fast, and decisively.
          It is unknown to what fate Saviga came to – though some tales claim that she claimed a fallen fief in Cardolan and ruled like a queen there. Some of those tales describe her an an ally to the Warlord Dagohir; in other tales, she was his sworn rival and enemy.


            Akargun the Warlock  M96 : AKARGUN™ the Warlock

            Another half orc, born of a captive slave taken in an orc raid into Northman territory, Akargun was a small, sickly thing compared to the other orcs of his kin-band. He was not expected to survive long. Taken along on a raid against Thranduil’s realm, he was duly captured and imprisoned. The Elves spared him because he seemed more Mannish than Orc, and the elder Elves wondered what to do with him. They believed the most humane thing to do was keep him in captivity. In his cell, Akargun listened, carefully. And in his cell, Akargun realised that he had a talent for sorcery.
            That dwimmercraft helped him escape. In the wilderness he spoke to the spirits and heard the hidden voices of the world.
            He returned to Gunabad much changed. No one would not dare gainsay him. He immediately rose in status, becoming the Goblin King’s close advisor. He made a laboratory and sanctum deep within the Cloven Spire of Gunabad; he learned many things there and grew in power and ability.
            Akargun saw Saviga as a rival, but later came to view her as an uneasy ally – the two half orcish outsiders, both reliant of the fickle fortunes of orcish politics for survival. They made an agreement to aid each other in the event of Zalg’s death or a civil war in Gunabad. Whether they honoured this agreement is unknown.


              Karagat, High Priest of Darkness   M99 : KARAGAT™ the High Priest

              Karagat was said to be the oldest living orc in Gunabad, born of pure blood from the ancient Orcs of fallen Angband, and kept alive through long centuries by sacrificial blood and dark sorcery. Lesser orcs claimed he was a form of vampire, who lived on the blood of Man and Orc.
              Karagat was the priest of the dark religion, leading the worship Morgoth in bloody rituals of human sacrifice and torture.
              The High Priest may have been some sort of skin changer – stories hold that he could take the form of a giant bat and fly far abroad in the harsh north, seeking victims to feed on and claim for his rituals.
              Little else is known – but he may have survived Zalg’s death and indeed, lived long past the fall of Angmar, still given unnatural long life by dark magic and the blessings of Morgoth.


                Bralg, The Insane, Warlord of the Twisted Spire   M102 : BRALG™ the Insane

                Bralg was Zalg’s second son. Elevated to the title of Warlord by his father and given command of one of Gunabad’s armies (his older brother was also titled Warlord, and commanded a larger army).
                Bralg was aggressive, sadistic, violent and unpredictable. He was probably, as his name suggests, insane, but his effectiveness as warleader and orc captain were undimmed. What humans would consider psychopathic, orcs would consider inspired.
                Bralg lost his eye to a Dunedain arrow in battle (which battle is unclear, but legend recalls him eating the still living form of the archer). He carried a peculiar weapon of particular orc design: a scimitar like weapon called Snapper with a hooked blade – designed to disembowel foes.
                The Warlord of the Twisted Spire was one of the loudest voices clamouring for war with Arthedain. He raided far beyond Angmar – into the Anduin vales against the Eotheod and deep into Arthedain and the lost realm of Cardolan – in search of violence, loot and war. Bralg never got his war, at least not the all out conflict he dreamed of. But he killed many Men (and many orcs) and his end, whatever it was, was likely bloody and barberous.

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              MMP Mithril in Middle-Earth The Court of Ardor Mount Gundabad module